targeted email marketing for auto dealers

Ensure relevant, in-market buyers are looking at your inventory and promotions.

According to our research, and evidenced by past campaign performance, personalized emails targeted at the right buyer can drive views to your inventory page and traffic into your dealership. With G/O Drive’s Targeted Email components, you can:

  • Showcase your promotions to qualified shoppers at the right time to increase inventory views and dealership visits
  • Keep your brand top of mind with carefully crafted messaging tailored to your target audience and designed to inspire action
  • Ensure your emails land in the inbox, not junk/spam folders
  • Track overlap of your CRM database and email list to track ROI with our Match-Back report
  • Drive the highest engagement to maximize your return with mobile-ready designs and targeting methods 
  • Easily analyze and monitor your email campaign’s performance and resulting sales with transparent reporting

Our traffic spends approximately three minutes on site and views, on average, more than two cars*

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Our solution comes with

  • Strategic Development

    Strategic Development

    Creative Strategy Build a strategy that specifically focuses on developing campaigns that drive car sales through more “ups” in your showroom
  • Audience Selection

    Audience Selection

    Targeting Use real-time data to reach in-market car shoppers
  • Delivery Assurance

    Delivery Assurance

    Deliverability Make it to more car shoppers’ inboxes every time
  • Frequency Packages and Reminder Resends

    Frequency Packages and Reminder Resends

    Frequency Drive home your message with follow-up campaigns
  • 24/7 Reporting and Analytics

    24/7 Reporting and Analytics

    Detailed Reporting 24/7 access to metrics including email volume, opens, click-through rate and more through G/O Insights

proven performance with every send

Our results say it all – we launch quality campaigns that perform. With our 100% delivery guarantee with rigorous pre-launch testing and compliance screening, you can trust more emails make it to the inbox of in-market car buyers and not their SPAM folders. 

* Source: PCG 2015

pinpoint email targeting based upon relevant auto shopper data

A fundamental component of the G/O Drive solution is targeted email marketing, which uses a host of data sources to narrowly target email recipients most likely to purchase the specific vehicle you’re advertising. G/O Digital leverages:

  • Auto Intender and Garage Indicator data
  • Proprietary datasets and personas based on past campaign performance
  • Location-based targeting data
  • Lifestyle and purchase behavior data
  • Recency files that ensure real, active recipients

All to make sure your messages land in the right email boxes and maximize your ROI.

For example, let’s say you want to sell a specific model truck. Our targeting personas will combine Auto Intender, Garage Indicator and buying behaviors based on lifestyle demographics. In this example the persona would likely include outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and tradecraft employees among others who make up a proprietary persona based on the performance of thousands of auto email campaigns G/O Digital has deployed.

methodically crafted, cross-device compatible email templates and creative

Everything about G/O Drive email is data-driven and based on historically successful campaign formulas. The G/O Drive cross-device compatible email templates have been designed to accommodate the most sought-after makes and models, as well as various content types, incentives and offers.

Every template supports multiple inventory feeds, including new and pre-owned, and is designed to maximize clicks, inventory traffic, showroom visits and sales.

tracking ROI

G/O Drive’s email component boasts exceptional transparency and tracking capabilities, including in-depth traffic data when paired with your website’s analytics, thanks to our proprietary G/O Insights platform. These additional metrics include things like page views for your vehicle details pages and inventory search results pages, so you can easily identify the correlation between your email campaign and traffic to your website.

We can also provide a Match-Back report, an exceptional tool that compares your CRM database to the email list and highlights the overlap so you can accurately account for sales resulting from email leads and measure ROI in an unprecedented way. We have, on average, 13 Match-Backs per campaign.


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