Localized Digital Marketing Solutions Designed to Meet the Needs of Franchises and National Brands

Enjoy unparalleled tracking and accountability in your company-wide marketing efforts.

G/O Digital is a company that understands the marketing needs of franchise and nationwide companies who operate in localized markets. We developed our solutions by first partnering with FRANdata, a franchise information service, to embark upon an aggressive research and development journey which sought to define the commonalities inherent in the digital marketing needs of these companies, and the ideal solutions they seek from their digital marketing agencies.

While we discovered an immense number of differences between the needs of companies in this space, we also found some striking similarities.

  • Franchise systems are structurally predisposed to centralized marketing solutions
  • The majority of franchise brands are investing more in digital marketing each year
  • Franchises are quick to adopt digital marketing strategies, but at varying levels of sophistication
  • Implementing marketing initiatives is driven by proven ROI

We distilled our research and discoveries into scalable tools, resources and strategies designed to address these needs and more. What’s resulted is an agency-level account management team with the resources and knowledge to handle complex nationwide franchise campaigns optimized with the right localized digital marketing tools and unparalleled performance tracking capabilities.

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