attract new patients and expand your practice’s digital footprint

Gain the reputation you deserve with compelling localized digital marketing strategies.

Your practice may offer exceptional medical care delivered by health care professionals with a wealth of knowledge and unparalleled bedside manner, but if people don’t know of your existence or your reputation it can be difficult to leverage those strengths into an effective digital marketing campaign that attract new patients.

At G/O Digital we have helped dentists, family medicine practitioners, healthcare networks, hospitals, urgent care clinics and health care specialists of every variety broadcast their expertise, credentials and positive patient experiences to local patient prospects. We use historic lead generation data coupled with our wealth of experience to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies that reach your future patients the moment they show interest in your specialty.

We understand the concerns and anxiety patients can feel during a medical crisis, and even phobias related to rudimentary preventative care. Every campaign is tailored to highlight your education, experience and professional associations while narrowly targeting prospective patients by demographics and geography. Our campaigns are HIPAA compliant and take into account strict advertising and marketing regulations to which many medical professionals must adhere.

Brand Building: Why It Matters to Your Business

Brand Building is a long-term, strategic approach for improving your digital footprint


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