10 Best Med Spa Marketing Ideas

Market data estimates that the med spa industry will reach revenues of $3.6 billion by 2016. This is a growth of 18% each year for the next four years!

Make sure your med spa benefits from this trend with these 10 essential marketing initiatives.

1) Solve your client's problems

Clients go to a med spa because they’re trying to solve a problem. Maybe they’re stressed out, feeling unattractive, or maybe they’re in pain. In order to build loyalty with your clients, solve their specific problem – every time. Listen to them if they’re chatty, and give them silence to relax if they’re not. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and if you provide an above average experience for your clients, they will spread the word.

2) Use social media to get recommended

Billions of people are on Facebook, and many of these users share their gripes with friends and family. If you’re active on a site like Facebook, you may get tagged by users suggesting you to a friend who is complaining about back pain, or needing a massage. You can also buy ads that target specific keywords like “need a massage.”

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3) Network with non-competitive businesses

Think about other local businesses that you can partner with, such as nutritionists, hairdressers, and makeup artists who have similar clientele. Reach out to these types of business and inform them about your med spa. Perhaps a cross promotion could take place between your establishments where fliers are distributed internally. Even without a cross promotion, you may be developing a great contact who can recommend you to like-minded clients.

4) Claim your profiles using local SEO

Local SEO is a fundamental basic of marketing your spa. Start by claiming your business on Google Places, Yahoo Localworks, and Bing Places. Creating and maintaining a profile will help anybody who is looking for a local med spa find you. Here are some examples of med spas in New York City that have claimed their Google Places for Business listings and customized them with images.

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5) Start your email marketing offline

When guests come into your med spa, ask them for their email address and tell them you’ll send them special offers and discounts as a benefit. Email marketing is a great way to retain customers and keep them coming back.

6) Volunteer to generate new leads

Looking for a way to get in front of residents in your community? Next time there’s a large community event, try volunteering at it. You could promote your med spa by giving free facials for a few hours, or 10-minute back massages. Anybody who takes you up on your offer is a solid lead to be a paid customer, so treat them with care and offer a discount coupon for a future visit. You may even want to set up an easy way to book appointments while they’re there!


7) Buy television ads with the right target audience

Everybody watches TV, and with the number of high quality TV shows available, there’s also a loyal audience. Use TV commercials to provoke interest in your spa. Choose your time slots wisely, and target the type of audience most likely to visit your med spa. For example, commercials during daytime soap operas are probably a better fit than those played during South Park.

8) Leverage emotions to produce radio spots

Don’t have the budget for marketing on TV? That’s fine because radio is cheaper and can be quite effective. Work with an experienced copywriter or ad writer to get the attention of your listeners - enough to bring them in for a treatment.

9) Announce yourself when something good happens

Press releases are valuable online and offline. Online you can create press releases and have them distributed for free or for a small investment; depending on the size of the market to which you want to promote. Offline you can reach out to local media sources and provide them with press kits. This will help them get more than just a news pitch about your med spa, and it may provide some incentive for them to write an article about you.

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10) Host after-hour events and own your niche

Hosting fun after-hour events that serve as educational seminars will help potential clients get an idea of the services you offer and what your establishment is like. It also puts you in the position of being an expert, which grants you loyalty and a better reputation.

What marketing strategies has your spa found to be successful? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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