Are You Wasting Your Facebook Marketing Dollars?

Advertising through Facebook is different than advertising through Google or any other search engine, so it should be approached and planned differently. Keep in mind these common Facebook marketing mistakes so you can avoid the pitfalls and maximize your campaign ROI.

Facebook is constantly creating and updating tools to make itself the best mobile solution for local businesses. “Call to action” buttons were added in October which allow online food ordering, the ability to buy tickets and even book appointments. The advertising company Kenshoo recently released data analytics showing that advertisers have increased spending on Facebook ads by 45 percent in the past year. A 14 percent year-over-year increase in click-through rates seems to indicate that the additional Facebook ad spend has been a worthwhile investment for many of those businesses.

Despite the platform’s proven effectiveness, many businesses don’t fully commit to a comprehensive advertising plan and end up abandoning their campaign before seeing any significant return on investment. 

Misuse and Misunderstanding of Facebook Technology

Advertising with Facebook is not like advertising with Google or other search engines where SEO is necessary to essentially fight against other search results for consumer attention.

Google ads are served based on the topic of search inputted by the user as well as their previous browsing habits and geographic location.

Facebook ads are served based on user-provided demographic data rather than a search inputted by the user.

Those are two fundamentally different methods of serving ads, so it makes sense to approach the campaigns and ad creation differently.

Tools to Enhance Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook’s Pixel allows you to place a single “pixel,” in the form of a piece of Javascript code, across your entire website to monitor conversions, optimize ad delivery and analyze consumer data. Combining this tool with a tag management solution allows you to categorize, understand and market to custom audiences.

The beauty of Facebook’s algorithms is that it allows for an almost completely automated target marketing experience. All you have to do is tell Facebook what you want it to do, and it will find the audience you want to attract.

Some business owners may find it difficult to leave an important part of their advertising campaign up to an automated system. It’s sensible to be cautious when adopting changes that can drastically affect your budget and ROI, but you can rest assured Facebook has designed, tweaked and optimized these services based on the success of other advertisers.

One of Facebook’s biggest benefits is that, when used correctly, the automation can completely alleviate the stresses of running an advertising campaign by yourself. Trust the system and allow yourself to focus on other aspects of your business.

Engage with Content

Facebook appeals to potential customers with more than just a simple landing page. It presents consumers with ads containing relevant content such as videos, blog posts, webinars and e-books. However, this content doesn’t appear out of thin air; it’s up to you to create the advertising materials.

Be sure the content you create is hosted on your own website. This will allow you to track how many people view it and will allow you to retarget specific audiences later. For the same reason, you’ll want to create specific pieces of content unique to whatever product or audience you’re targeting. Generalized content may appeal to some people, but creating and building value specifically for the people you’re targeting will make them more likely to engage with your product and business.

One of Facebook’s strengths is the ability to deliver content to the same consumers repeatedly. Anyone who is following your page or has liked a post will continue to see your ads. This allows you to deliver targeted messages during the entire advertising cycle. Facebook even allows you to set parameters based on what pages a potential customer has already visited.

For example, you can design ad content specifically for individuals who arrived on your landing page but didn’t click through to the main site, or offer a free trial to those who went to an online cart but didn’t actually make a purchase.

It is up to you to continuously create relevant content in order to use Facebook’s advertising features to their fullest potential.

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