Behind the Campaigns: Trevor Freeman on Brand Building

Do you know how to build an online brand? Trevor does.

Continuing with our Behind the Campaigns blog series, we have Trevor Freeman, who has been with G/O Digital for a little more than a year. Trevor is based in our Phoenix office and specializes in our Brand Building/SEO solution, which incorporates core SEO optimization, review management, content marketing and local listings to create a holistic approach to a brand’s online presence.

Trevor shared insights into the digital marketing industry, how his prior experiences led him to working at G/O and advice for people looking to break into this constantly changing world.

What was your background leading up to your current position and how did it help prepare you entering into digital marketing?

I began in the marketing space by getting a degree in business management. From there, my career started off by working at a small business for about 10 years. At that small business, my role was a web-store manager, but I had to take on a variety of different responsibilities as well. Through the many different tasks, I learned to become versatile because my positions weren’t specifically defined. Because of my position having an emphasis in e-commerce, I developed a growing interest for digital marketing and later joined G/O Digital.

Coming from a background in computers, it only seemed natural to transition into the digital industry. I had prior experience from working at my small company and was tasked with writing copy, working on the blog and then branching out more. The entrance into digital marketing evolved organically.

What is your day-to-day routine like at G/O?

It’s hard to define a specific daily routine because different things can always come up because the industry is ever changing. Usually the first task is to look at possible new accounts that can be brought on board. Then I move on to answering any questions from account managers or other specialists. Currently brand building, G/O Digital’s newest solution, is taking up quite a bit of time. To me, reporting on any problems in an efficient manner is essential to finding a solution.

What kind of campaigns do you work on most?

The SEO team tries to leverage people’s talents and assign them to specific verticals where they can succeed. In my current position, I was able to express an interest in cars and have been working in verticals that align within the automotive industry.

Why do you feel digital marketing is important to today’s local businesses?

Having a strong online presence is critical to the success of local businesses. If they’re not in first few pages of Google, they don’t exist according to the evolution of the internet. Specifically for SEO, around 60 percent of searches come from mobile, so the ability to be seen aids in attracting new customers, which keeps businesses profitable.

What is an aspect about your role that is often misunderstood?

SEO as a digital marketing tactic has many misconceptions. People expect by using this that their company will instantly be ranked on the first page of Google, but that is not the case. This is an ongoing process that targets for specific areas, and it takes time. There are many who believe they want SEO, when in all actuality the solution they are describing is really PPC. These two tactics are quite different, but they work hand-in-hand with each other and can be commonly confused.

How do you think working at G/O Digital has improved your professional skills?

This industry is constantly changing so there is always the opportunity to learn. Also, the ability to work with myriad customers keeps the work dynamic. Also, the culture at G/O Digital is one-of-a-kind because of how they approach things. G/O Digital looks at how operations function as an agency while focusing on the people who work there as experts in their field. 

What is your biggest piece of advice for people trying to enter the digital marketing industry?

There is a lot of information out in the world nowadays, and you need to find quality information to make sure you learn which practices are actually the best. Also, get as much hands-on experience as you can because it will only make you more prepared to enter into digital marketing or any other industry for that matter.

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