G/O Digital Client Rainbeau Curves Featured in STORES Magazine for Social Ads Success

G/O Digital helped Rainbeau Curves target the right audience with social ads and grow their business exponentially.

Meeting your company’s marketing needs in-house often seems like a viable option and it can be, though it can quickly turn into something much more difficult – and more expensive – than originally planned. Such was the case for Rainbeau Curves, a plus-size active wear retailer based in San Francisco. 

Despite its location in the tech-savvy Bay Area, Rainbeau’s original marketing efforts didn’t yield desired results, and even cost the company valuable marketing dollars. “We lost a lot of money within the first couple months,” says owner Zack Bussin. “We were kind of throwing money wherever we thought it would work.”

Rainbeau Curves partnered with the experts at G/O Digital to launch an optimized social ads campaign, targeting the right prospects and the results speak for themselves. In under a year, Rainbeau Curves’ social ads have made millions of impressions, garnered an average of over 100,000 clicks per month, and had a peak click-through-rate of 4.32 percent. Their overall conversions have also yielded a peak ROI of 256 percent.

Read more about the Rainbeau Curves journey to success in the March edition of STORES Magazine

Rainbeau Curves Social Ad

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