Targeted Email After the Holidays

The shopping frenzy of the holiday season can bring in large numbers of new customers for any business, especially if you’ve designed an effective marketing strategy to do so. After the decorations are down, it's important to focus on your next goal: establishing long-term relationships with all those holiday shoppers.

While some of those new customers might decide to stick around on their own, without a specialized marketing strategy the majority of your new holiday shoppers are likely to be one-time customers. Targeted email campaigns can help customers stay engaged with your company and forge a loyal customer base.

A Mobile Market

Mobile technologies have permeated across all markets, including e-mail and online shopping. A Google study found that, in 2016, the rate of mobile shopper growth was significantly outpacing desktop shopper growth compared the previous year. Mobile phones have become a gateway to increased purchasing habits; 76 percent of people who searched for something on their smartphone in the past year visited a related business within the following day.

While foot traffic may fluctuate, even on big shopping days, mobile shopping traffic stays more consistent over longer periods of time. This past Thanksgiving, 59 percent of mobile shopping searches happened before the stores had even opened and continued after closing. Advertising to mobile consumers allows businesses to reach customers throughout the entire day, not just during hours of operation.

Email’s Effectiveness

Email marketing has been a proven solution since people began using the technology in the 1990s. Reuters published a report in 2015 that found the average US worker spends roughly 6.3 hours per day checking their email, equally divided between work and personal emails. Even during business hours, the modern consumer can be targeted and engaged.

Email campaigns can help you reach a new audience, but are particularly effective at targeting customers who recently visited you for the first time in order to get them to return to your store or site. A report from Monetate found that returning visitor transactions made up 48 percent of all US e-commerce in quarter four of 2015, totaling $2.7 billion in revenue. Furthermore, returning customers were shown to have a 4.5 percent conversion rate while new visitors converted only 2.4 percent of the time.

Diverse Targeting Strategies

There are many kinds of targeted emails you can deliver to your customers, depending on your marketing strategy and what kind of approach you’re going for. While each have the potential to be effective, proper timing and optimization are necessary for a maximum return on investment (ROI). Some options include:

  • Cross-selling options: If your customer makes a purchase or places a particular item in their cart, it’s possible they might be interested in a similar or complimentary product you offer. Offering bundle deals can also increase your chance of converting a potential customer and convincing them to return to your online store.

  • Last-minute gift ideas: Most customers during the holiday season are buying gifts for others. Even if the holidays have passed, helping those who have forgotten someone on their shopping list or want to take advantage of last-minute deals can help you create a loyal customer.

  • Referral requests: If a shopper found a perfect gift for someone else in your store, it’s likely their loved one will be interested in other products you offer. Your email can provide incentives, in the form of referral-based credits or discounts, which prompt your customer to tell others about your brand.

  • Product review/survey requests: Feedback can be particularly effective for both buyer and seller because it makes the customer feel acknowledged while also providing you with a wealth of relevant information. Learning more about consumer preferences will help you provide better targeted content in the future.

No matter which strategy you choose, the focus should be on fostering a relationship between your business and the customer. A targeted email with the proper tone can convey more friendliness, and be more effective, than something sterile. Always be true to your brand voice.

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