The Olympics: Why YouTube Complements TV Advertising

Did you know that during the Rio 2016 Olympics, viewers watched over 40M hours of related content on YouTube?* They were turning to YouTube for more information on their favorite sports and athletes. The growing power of multiscreen viewing is difficult to ignore.  In fact, a recent advertising study determined that combining YouTube and broadcast television increased audience reach by 42% compared to TV alone.**
Stats like these confirm why YouTube remains the number one online video platform in the world. It is also important to note that YouTube's advertising functionality sets itself apart from other video platforms with its precise targeting features such as In-Market audience targeting.

Unlike traditional topic or contextual targeting, with “In-Market” audience targeting from YouTube you can identify prospects that have buying signals using real-time data. Key selection factors include:

  • The content of sites browsed (reviews, comparisons etc)
  • How often users visit the related content
  • How many times a user clicks on related ads.
  • Recent Conversion/Purchase History

Targeting users who are ready to buy can help businesses send the right offer, at the right moment, to the right prospect. The bottom line? Our clients' customers are viewing content on YouTube, and G/O Digital can help improve brand recognition and influence sales.

* Includes Nielsen data for 2,984 TV campaigns in 2015. Analysis identified campaigns that would have benefited from combining YouTube and TV while holding cost constant and optimizing for reach.
**YouTube internal data, August 5–August 21, 2016, Global, Classification as an “Olympics" video was based on public data such as headlines and tags and may not account for every such video available on YouTube.

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