just because a user left your site doesn’t mean you lost the sale

Retargeting lets you stay engaged with potential customers, even after they’ve left.

A 2013 study showed 81 percent of consumers performed extensive comparative research online before choosing where to buy, a 20 percent increase from the previous year*. Retargeting ads allow you to keep your customers interested by calling them back with ads directly related to the product for which they have previously shown interest.


how do site Retargeting ads work?

Your Retargeting expert at G/O Digital will give you a tracking code for your website, which will document who visits your site. This code will leave a “cookie” on the visitor’s computer. Those individuals will, in the future, see your display ads related to their past interest in your products and services on other websites they visit.

how do search Retargeting ads work?

If a potential customer has searched a website or search engine for products or services you provide, our software can identify the searcher and later show them your relevant Retargeting display ad based on the keywords they were using to perform their previous search. This means that even if a potential customer didn’t click through to your site, we can still retarget them based on previous interest they’ve shown in a product or service you offer.

for which types of business are Retargeting ads ideal?

Retargeting ads can work for virtually any type of business. As long as you want your customers to be thinking about your products and services whenever they have a particular need that your business meets, you can make use of Retargeting.

When coupled with PPC advertising, Retargeting can ensure that potential customers who have shown interest in your services will regularly be reminded that you’re the business that can meet their needs.


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