targeted email marketing

reach your potential customers with targeted marketing emails relevant to their needs

Get connected to customers who have shown interest in the products or services you offer.

Targeted Email Marketing through G/O Digital enables your business to reach thousands of consumers who are likely to be interested in your products or services. These emails are custom-developed and designed to increase brand awareness, website traffic or promote a specific offer or sales event.

Our Targeted Email solution provides you with a dedicated team of email experts who specialize in mobile-friendly creative development, effective audience targeting methods and strategic deployment tactics that guarantee your message reaches the inbox of your target audience, not their SPAM folder. With G/O Digital, you’ll know you’re reaching the right audience, increasing consideration of your brand and driving more new customers to your business.

why should I consider Targeted Email Marketing?

Targeted emails are aimed at relevant consumers who have shown past interest in services or products like yours and displayed a proclivity to be influenced to purchase through email marketing in the past. Approximately 44 percent of targeted email recipients have made at least one purchase over the past year that was directly influenced by a promotional marketing email.*


what kind of features does the Targeted Email product include?

  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • Dedicated email coordinator
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly designs
  • High quality demographic targeting data
  • Single or multiple resends
  • SPAM filter and design compatibility testing

performance reporting

Our Targeted Email reporting is clear and easy to understand thanks to G/O Digital’s convenient reporting dashboard. The dashboard will show you the number of opens and click-throughs as well as the percentages of each compared to your total number of recipients.

In addition to the reporting dashboard, our clients also receive a Match-Back Report, which compares the database of contacts included in a recent Targeted Email campaign to an advertiser’s submitted contact database in order to identify customers who made purchases, became a lead or took another desired action after receiving a campaign’s email(s). This is an important step in establishing attribution, helping budget advertising dollars and in evaluating marketing campaign efficiency.


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