intuitive, transparent reporting keeps you in the loop

G/O Digital ensures optimal accountability by giving you fast, relevant reporting results.

Ensuring your marketing dollars are bringing in the customers you need and providing the return on investment you require is absolutely essential to any marketing effort, digital or otherwise.

Digital marketing is unique in the respect that every aspect of your campaign can be monitored on an unprecedentedly intricate level. Our reporting dashboard gives you a truly transparent view of where your ad dollars are going and how they are performing.

our dashboard allows you to monitor ...

  • Your campaign types
  • Leads, when they convert and from where
  • Performance metrics based on date and time
  • Clicks, click through rates and impressions

the leads tab will tell you ...

  • Your lead distribution by campaign type
  • When a lead turned into a customer
  • The length of calls and a recording of the call*

*Call recording unavailable for certain industries, such as healthcare providers who must remain HIPAA compliant.

the campaigns tab will let you ...

  • Easily monitor all your G/O digital marketing campaigns
  • Quickly compare performance of one product versus another
  • Track the latest activity regarding social posts, chatter, impressions and demographics
  • Monitor the performance of your organic SEO and separate it from paid media traffic


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