opt-in email marketing

Encourage Repeat Business with Opt-In Email Marketing Strategies

Stay engaged with your loyal, local customers by sending news, incentives and more.

If you have customers who have voluntarily provided their email address for the purpose of receiving promotional information and company updates, then you already have a valuable avenue of communication with consumers who have shown interest in or have already made purchases from your company.

how do Opt-In Email campaigns through G/O Digital work?

Our team of email specialists create a custom or semi-custom template and train you to craft effective emails to send to your list of subscribers. Examples of common Opt-In Emails include newsletters, coupons and offers, information about upcoming events or invitations to follow your company on social media.

comprehensive reporting solution

Our Opt-In Email product integrates with Google Analytics and offers an intuitive self-service solution for customers who want accurate and transparent metrics and subscriber management functionality. Your email team at G/O Digital will also provide training and support on how to use the Opt-In Email platform and how to properly configure your account for optimal performance.


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