social media management

keep yourself on your customer’s radar

When your customers stay engaged, they know where to go when they’re ready to buy.

How effective are your social media efforts? Does the time and energy expended on your social media provide the payout you need to make it worthwhile?

At G/O Digital, we have a dedicated team of Social Media Management professionals who utilize time-tested strategies to provide the right kind of community engagement to generate buzz around your business.

retain customers with customized strategies for each social media platform

Your G/O Digital Social Media Manager will craft content that is optimized to perform on whichever platforms work best for your business. By speaking to your customers in a way that’s relevant to them, we are able to ensure your business stays engaged with your target audience.

reward your fans and attract new ones with contests and giveaways

Growing your e-mail list and encouraging engagement go hand in hand when you run a contest or sweepstakes launched and managed by your Social Media Specialist. We’ll implement and run it using a landing page built by professional copywriters and designers.

Contests are a great way to grow awareness and drive interest towards your business. The landing page will also give you an opportunity to gather contact information for current and future customers.

join the conversations already happening

Our social managers will listen, monitor and respond in real-time to comments, messages and mentions utilizing cutting-edge Social Media Management platforms that combine detailed statistics with content management tools. You will also have access to a cutting-edge reporting dashboard that will give you 24/7 access to the key performance indicators of your campaign, enabling you to constantly monitor what we’re doing to maximize your social media’s performance.


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